Established in 1996, Auspoint owns and operates an extensive fleet of high quality offshore support vessels and crew boats that service the Oil & Gas industry in Africa and across the world. With its headquarters in Abuja, we also have offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos and the United Kingdom.

Designed to meet the specific demands of our clients, Auspoint’s fleet offers a diverse range of offshore and onshore support services and solutions, which are ‘second to none’.


In collaboration with specialist partners across the globe, Auspoint offers bespoke security solutions and support to its client’s on demand. Solutions range from Armoured Citadel, Balistic Container to vessel tracking devices, monitoring and global intelligence.

We supply world class Armoured Citadel for personnel security protection, manufactured to the highest standards (ISO9001). Our safe haven is 100% weatherproof and shipped globally. Whether protecting your crew at sea or on land we can tailor a product that is right for you.

Armoured Citadels are designed to keep your personnel safe from external threats for extended periods through a range of anti-assault features and independent support systems which include: armoured protection, electrical power, air, water, sanitation and external communications.

The patented 20’ high capacity, high endurance citadel is designed to resist restraint and racking stresses in rough seas, fully weatherproofed and able to withstand the weight of six loaded, stacked shelters.

We also distribute high quality vessel tracking and monitoring devices including Inmarsat C, AIS and Raptor tracking, advancing global intelligence. Most mobile devices can be re configured to work with the tracking device portal. Simple integration allows users with mobile devices (typically PMSCs) to view their teams’ progress and track operational equipment. Devices supported include Rockblock , yellow brick, Delorme In reach, I Sat pro phones and SPOT ME trackers.

For more information or interested in a demonstration, please contact us.


We also supply ultra-modern Hovercrafts or Air-Cushion Vehicles (‘ACV’) with associated services and support. These hybrid vessels are capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice and other surfaces. Our ultimate amphibious machine is operated mainly for commercial and civilian uses and capable of fulfilling your business needs.


We are approved suppliers of the Anti-Intrusion Barrier (‘AIB’). An effective passive defence for commercial vessels and Oil & Gas platforms. The AIB is an impenetrable, quality, low cost, durable and effective security solution, easily installable on all commercial vessels; Increasing crew, vessel and cargo safety whilst fully protecting against unauthorised access.


On demand, we provide quality UAV operations and services to our clients. We own and operate a variety of sophisticated UAV’s for logistical, civil and commercial purposes. Our Drones are an easy and unique way to add value to a project.


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